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Grosse Pointe Squirrel RemovalSigns of a squirrel infestation

Visual signs you may have a squirrel infestation, include:

  • Seeing nests in trees or hollow openings in tree trunks.
  • Squirrels running along utility lines, on the roof or entering into the attic or chimney space.
  • Small divots in the yard, chewed bark on young trees or eaten garden plants.
  • Seeing squirrels regularly fighting, an indication the squirrel population is too large to support the individual squirrel’s needs for survival.
  • Seeing squirrel droppings. Get the opinion of your pest management professional since some other animals have droppings that look similar. Do not attempt to remove droppings yourself, but get an expert to do this job.

Other signs you may have a squirrel infestation, include:

  • Hearing noises that come from squirrels running, scratching or fighting with each other. Generally, noises will come from squirrels in the attic, walls, chimney or vents. Noise at night probably means a flying squirrel, while daytime noises could indicate a gray or fox squirrel.
  • Holes in a home’s siding or under the soffits; chewed wires; attic insulation damage; and evidence of squirrel nests in the attic. Damage to bird feeders as squirrels try to get the bird food. source:

I have a squirrel infestation, what next?

Get professional help by calling CMC Animal Control at (248) 904-5162. We offer expert service and deliver results. 

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