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Macomb County Woodchuck RemovalWoodchucks Are Damaging to Your Home

Can Woodchuck Tunnels Damage Your Home’s Foundation?

Woodchucks, or groundhogs, are known for the tunnels they dig. Woodchuck burrows have wide openings and often have large piles of dirt thrown out around them. Burrows can have up to five entrances, and the tunnels may total up to 45 feet in length. Groundhog burrows are an average of five feet deep.

How Woodchuck Tunnels Can Threaten Your Home

Woodchucks tend to dig their burrows near buildings and other structures, such as sheds, patios, and decks, that can provide overhead stability. If a woodchuck digs a burrow near your home’s foundation, it can threaten your house’s structural stability. If the entrance to the burrow opens up against the foundation, water can seep in. This can eventually wear away the foundation and cause it to crumble.

Homeowners are often unaware that a groundhog has burrowed near their foundation. The burrows are underground and can go undetected for years. During that time, the foundation of the house can gradually be weakened, putting the safety of the occupants at risk. A homeowner may not be aware that a woodchuck burrow even exists until it collapses. At that point, the foundation of the house will already be damaged.

What to Do If a Groundhog Has Dug a Burrow on Your Property

If you have seen evidence of a groundhog living on your property, such as a hole in your yard and a pile of dirt nearby, there is a good chance that it burrowed near your home’s foundation. This is not something you should ignore since it can cause major structural damage.

You should have the woodchuck trapped and removed from your property as soon as possible by a professional. Don’t wait to take action to deal with your woodchuck problem. A groundhog can cause severe and potentially dangerous damage to your house’s foundation. source:

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