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If you are in need of Macomb County Professional Bat Control, please contact CMC Animal Control at (248) 904-5162 for immediate assistance. Click here to learn more about us. 

brmcWhat Professional Bat Control Means To Your Home This Winter

Professional bat control services are usually called in emergencies when an animal has already made its way indoors and is a potential threat to the people and pets in a home. We’re more than capable of helping you remove wild animals. However, you may get more benefit from our wildlife exclusion services. Hire us, before you have a problem, to keep bats and other pests out of your home for good.

Here are just a few facts from professional bat control specialists:

Bats Can Enter Homes Through Tiny Spaces.
Even a ½ inch is big enough to allow a bat to get indoors. Gaps of this size can be found along roof ridges, at points where walls meet, in areas where siding has slipped or cracked and in roof vents and chimneys. One of our bat specialists can scour your property for gaps and apply the most appropriate exclusionary materials for the space.

Bats Usually Can’t Be Relocated.
Once these creatures take a liking to your home, it can be incredibly difficult to keep them away. Blocking easy entrances, preventing easy access in the first place is much more effective than trying to relocate rats after they taken up residence in your home!

Bats Can Be Dangerous To Humans And Pets.
Though they’re often gentle, bats can bite and even attack when they’re afraid. Worse, a small percentage of bats are rabies carriers, meaning they can pass the disease along without displaying any symptoms. In addition, they can pass along other illnesses in their fecal matter. It’s important to hire a professional for bat removal and cleanup to ensure you minimize the risks associated with these services.

If you do opt for DIY bat removal, make sure to wear thick gloves and use a box or thick towel to remove the animal from your home. Once outdoors – preferably at night – you can place it on a tree or bush, and then go about the task of sealing up your house. source:

For experienced Macomb County Professional Bat Control, please callCMC Animal Control at (248) 904-5162 for help.