Bat Removal Service in Rochester, MI

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brcmcBefore attempting any kind of exclusion is essential to verify that a nuisance is caused by bats in particular. Twittering and rustling sounds in old chimneys, often attributed to bats, may be caused by chimney swifts. If the “bats” swarm and ENTER the chimney at dusk, most likely these are swifts and can be evicted with a chimney cap in the winter. Scrambling, scratching, and thumping sounds coming from attics and walls may be caused by rats, mice, or flying squirrels. Bats often become noisy before leaving their roosts at sunset and may chatter on hot days when they move down attic walls to seek refuge from heat. Thus, an increase in chirping noises about dusk probably indicates bats. Any grouping of bats this noisy should easily be seen exiting the structure 15 minutes after local sunset in midsummer.

Droppings from insectivorous bats are easily distinguished from those of small rodents because of their friability. They are easily crushed with a pencil eraser which reveal shiny bits of undigested insect chitin (the exoskeleton of the insect). In contrast, rodent droppings are unsegmented, harder, and more fibrous. They do not contain shiny fragments.

Occasionally the droppings of birds that feed on insects may be found along with bat droppings. Bat droppings never contain the white chalky (uric acid) material characteristic of the feces of these other animals.

The Openings:
Usually there are only a few openings to a house bat roost, and bat proofing is relatively simple because visible bat accesses can be easily located and blocked. However, some very old homes having large attics with dormers may have many small, obscure holes will be more difficult to bat proof. On any structure, generally assume that the soffit and fascia will need sealed on all sides. On some tin and slate roofs, all edges may need sealed (along the gutters especially). Finally, any place there is a change in roof pitch could be a bat entrance as well. source:

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