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When Should I Hire a Professional for Raccoon Removal?

slide1We first encourage you to carefully examine the advice on the how to do it yourself page for your specific wildlife species. If you find that you can use this advice to solve the problem yourself, great! If not, or if you’ve tried it on your own already and failed, then it’s time to seek outside help. There’s a reason there’s a professional nuisance wildlife control industry. These companies (often one-man owner/operator enterprises) often have the benefit of experience, and the proper tools. Here are some examples of cases in which a professional might be better equipped than a homeowner:

– Raccoons in the attic that did not respond to intimidation techniques
– Any situation in which there is danger from a raccoon that needs handling
– Physical snaring of a sick or injured raccoon
– A raccoon stuck down a wall inside a home or building
– Raccoons that will not leave a chimney with scent techniques
– Any case that absolutely requires cage trapping and removal (see below)
– Any case in which a homeowner lacks confidence about safety or protection of property
– Dangerous repairs on difficult roofs, high chimneys, etc.
– Any professional grade repairs that you are unable to perform yourself
– Full attic cleanup with proper protective gear, atomizer and fogging cleanser

Cage Trapping and Removal – We at Humane Wildlife Removal Org discourage cage trapping, but in some cases it’s the only way to solve a certain problem. For example, a raccoon is consistently taking food from restaurant patrons or causing a public health threat. Or a raccoon is causing property damage that cannot be prevented. There are many possible reasons in which a property owner will decide that the only solution is to physically remove specific raccoons that have made undesirable behavior a habit. Homeowners should not attempt cage trapping and removal themselves. First of all, it is illegal in most states to trap and relocate a raccoon (check locations for laws in your city or state). Second, amateurs make many terrible mistakes. It may seem simple to get a large cage trap, bait it with food, and wait. But most first-timers make mistakes such as leaving the cage in the sun, causing heat stroke come daylight, or leaving the cage in an area where the raccoon will reach out and dig or damage nearby wires or property, or failure to stabilize the trap base, set correct pan tension, and on and on. Most do-it-yourself attempts fail, and are illegal, and usually cause more frustration for the homeowner and suffering for the raccoons than would happen with a professional. Also, amateurs often make the problem worse when their ineffective sets cause trap failures, and subsequent “cage-shy” raccoons, which can become a problem to deal with.

Is there a need for these companies? – Of course professionals exist in every field – electricians, plumbers, accountants, dentists, and so on. It’s the same with conflict wildlife. Companies that perform pest control services, and specialized nuisance wildlife control operators. One of our staff is a professional wildlife operator, who has special insight into the field, and some of the common problems in the field. But we also understand that in many cases, an attempt to do-it-yourself is absolutely not warranted and will result in suffering for the animals. A good professional with experience and the proper equipment will absolutely do better work for people and animals than a person who lacks education and experience in the wildlife control field. The important thing is that a professional cares for the welfare of the animals he works with. source: humaneraccoonremoval.org

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Bat Removal Leonard, MI – CMC Animal Control

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Bat Removal Facts

Bats usually can’t be relocated.

Once these creatures take a liking to your home, it can be incredibly difficult to keep them away. Blocking easy entrances preventing easy access in the first place is much more effective than trying to relocate rats after they taken up residence in your home!

Bats can be dangerous to humans and pets.

Though they’re often gentle, bats can bite and even attack when they’re afraid. Worse, a small percentage of bats are rabies carriers, meaning they can pass the disease along without displaying any symptoms. In addition, they can pass along other illnesses in their fecal matter. It’s important to hire a professional for bat removal and cleanup to ensure you minimize the risks associated with these services.

If you do opt for DIY bat removal, make sure to wear thick gloves and use a box or thick towel to remove the animal from your home. Once outdoors – preferably at night – you can place it on a tree or bush, and then go about the task of sealing up your house. source: northfultonexterminating.com

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